Your visit to the "sacred island" can be done with ships from all Cycladic islands from Rafina and Piraeus. The distance from Rafina is only 2 hours by speedboat and 4 hours by ferry. There are many attractions in the island you can visit such as:

  • The Church of Our Lady of Tinos
  • The temple of Poseidon in Kionia
  • The Archaeological Museum of Tinos
  • The Mausoleum of Ellis
  • Kechrovouni Monastery and Museum
  • The Museum and the House of Chalepas
  • The museum Anthony Sochos
  • The monastery of Agia Pelagia, 7 km from the town of Tinos

Pigeon houses, windmills and countless country churches. Stone walls, fountains, prickly, immortal, sedges, green marble, sage and capers in stone, rocks with strange shapes. Magical, desert, fine sand, warm, golden, smooth rocks and broad, with crystal clear waters. Villages untouched by time. Arches and royal lilies, geraniums and†Antirrhinum majus, carved doorways, marble fountains, cobbled streets, threshing floors, basins, terraces, courtyards, cellars, ovens. Compose the island's puzzle. Countless beauties ..... challenge you and invite you to explore.